Succession planning

Family politics, emotion and money are never an easy combination. With our support on this sensitive topic, you will be able to enjoy your wealth and your business while knowing they are both in safe hands.

Communicating objectively with involved parties, we can represent your interests while making sure your wealth, and close relationships, are protected. We can help you:

  • Make sure that your wishes are prioritised, and your business remains viable
  • Clarify and resolve who will run your business in case of death, ill health or your desire to cut down on, or stop, working
  • Arrange a well-planned sale, buy-out or demerger
  • Investigate if your children or grandchildren would welcome the opportunity to take over your business, and take appropriate action
  • Guard against unappealing developments from complicated relationships which will affect your bottom line:
    • De-couple selected family members from joint ventures
    • Protect your wealth from family dissolution and inappropriate claims
  • Suggest ways in which you can diversify and protect your wealth
  • Set in place protective measures so you will be looked after for the rest of your life
  • Coach the 2nd and 3rd generations of your family about sound financial management and living within their means
  • Make sure that the wealth you’ve worked so hard to attain will be there for future generations
  • Safeguard your legacy in a tax-efficient manner
  • Remain a strong centralised point of contact for all your financial and legal advisors