Retirement and pensions

You’re never too young or too old to start planning your retirement. Whether you’re running a profitable business, are a key employee or a sole trader; you will have a business or salary which will be affected when you retire. Now’s the time to protect your wealth and use your assets to help you fund your lifestyle.

We can help you navigate through the financial, business and emotional aspects of this time by:

  • Working with you to formulate and communicate your succession plan
  • Diversifying your wealth
  • Advising on tax-efficient, HMRC-compliant investment vehicles where funds should be placed once your pension pot is full
  • Helping you explore your retirement lifestyle ambitions and associated implications
    • Dealing with changes in your domicile and associated tax and portfolio implications
    • Changes to your will which may be necessary if you are domiciled in two countries

With wise retirement planning, you can enjoy your wealth and your chosen lifestyle while knowing the next few generations will be well looked after.