What our families have to say about LCM

“I recommended a client to LCM. Nine months later, they’d still not sent a bill. When the client queried this he was told, “Why would we raise a bill when we’ve not found you a solution?”

LCM deal with clients in detail and depth. They understand their clients’ circumstances, and that those circumstances can change. They do a lot of research to make sure they structure the best possible products. Collaborative and flexible; they’re always coming up with ideas and plans, and adding relevant further information and suggestions. Their refreshing attitude is greatly appreciated by us and our clients.

Mark Pattimore, Director at Heritage Corporate Services Limited

“Our accountant recommended LCM about five years ago.  Personally I’ve used other wealth management companies, but always felt like I was being treated like a number.  LCM’s service levels are much higher.  They work hard for us and are very conscientious. We have a very good working relationship with them. They talk to us all the time.  We’ve been very happy with everything they’ve done for us and are doing for us. We know that we’re in safe hands.”

Robert Harlow, Director and Shareholder at Harlow Brothers Limited

“LCM create original customised investment products with an emphasis on low risk. With a holistic approach to inheritance and family wealth, they secure wealth for the next generation and beyond in the most efficient way. We have had experience with other so-called financial advisors but LCM were prepared to base fees on results from what we made.  No performance, no payment – and no paying up front.

Thanks to LCM, we have a single point of contact to discuss and plan all family issues.  Over the years they’ve become increasingly familiar with different members of the family; our requirements and desires. Through getting to know us so thoroughly, it’s now just as if we have a knowledgeable and experienced family member who we can ask for advice about finance matters, investments, tax planning and inheritance.”

Barry Lynch, Director at Merlin Properties Limited