Welcome to LCM Family

You’ve worked hard to make your money.  Now we’ll work hard to look after it for you.

We work for families just like yours to tax efficiently manage their family wealth and corporate interests.

We offer independent, thoughtful and well-researched advice on general wealth management issues, tax, retirement, succession planning and investments. Working with your existing advisers, we’ll take a broad view of all your finances, making sure that the impact of each transaction and decision is well thought through and understood.

We’ll get to know you, your family and your business. Over time, you’ll come to see us as a sounding board and trusted friend – proactive and conscientious, available and on your side 24/7.

We don’t charge fees upfront, and will not send a bill until we’re sure our advice has been of significant value to you. Our families would recommend us, so why not contact us today?

“It’s now just as if we have a knowledgeable and experienced family member who we can ask for advice about finance matters, investments, tax planning and inheritance.”